Sunday, June 10, 2007

Africa and it's dreams change a man

Since I was a boy I had dreamed of going to Africa to go on a traditional hunting safari. Now that that dream has become a reality my world is a far better place.
Upon my return to the States I did something else I had always dreamed of... I wrote a book titled "I SLEPT IN AFRICA and other short stories by Gary Faules". I am honored that my book has now made the FORBES BOOK CLUB. Here is what they had to say, "This book will change your life. The author really has a captivating way of bringing you into the story as if you were right there. His outlook on life gives everyone hope for a better tomorrow no matter what hardship you are confronted with. Simply amazing."

I SLEPT IN AFRICA comes in hardcover or paperback. If you would like a copy you can order an autographed copy from me at this site or it's as simple as contacting any book store and asking for it by name. All book stores can order it for you and in most cases will have it within a few days. If you have a BARNES & NOBLE nearby they can get it for you or click on AMAZON.COM. You can also GOOGLE the title I SLEPT IN AFRICA by GARY FAULES.

About the Book
This edition of short stories by Gary Faules is a compilation of a number of stories based on some of his experiences. They began with his childhood and expand to adventures that took him around the world.

Several of his stories are set on his parents’ ranch in Oregon during his youth. He seems to be able to express a positive vision and he even shows that good can come of death. You will cherish the affection and passion that he has for family and nature as characters spend time with each other in places like the dangerous bush of Africa.

His stories are adventures that include hilarious moments about a boy’s wild ride in the country and how it affected his future. Another thrilling story is about a dangerous charge from a wounded wildebeest! He writes about a father who has not shown his true affection for his son and what happens when the son finds out the truth. Faules is able to convey his insight into the reality of the essential meaning of his writings.

Gary Faules’ stories range from humorous to reflective to apprehensively horrifying, and are meant to make you laugh, cry and hold your breath.

Gary’s stories are based on personal experiences and his cast of characters is based at least partly on fact. His encounters with family and friends are the inspiration for his best writing. The varieties of subject matter are as diverse as his life. Gary Faules’ stories will leave you laughing or crying but never untouched.

Free Preview
Thomas walked along bent over, looking for sign, while holding his hands clasped together behind his back, very intent in what he was doing. I had given up looking an hour ago. I could not see any of the signs that were so obvious to Thomas or the other trackers so I was just aimlessly wandering along behind, wondering when or if we were even going to find my bull. By now I had my doubts, and I was beginning to lose hope.

While I was looking around, not paying attention, Thomas saw something in the thick cover. He gave a small whistle, which got my attention, and as I looked in his direction he frantically waved for me to come. As I began to run to him, he waved with both his hands for me to move very quietly and slowly. When I finally got to his side, he grabbed my shoulder and pointed into the thicket.

Very softly, he said, "There, Bwana. Can you see him?"

Then I could hear the other blacks and Henk whistle, letting us know that they could also hear or see the bull hiding from where they were. Thomas pointed to my rifle and said, "Be ready, Bwana. Big bull very dangerous."

I still had not seen the bull and was not even sure he was really there. "Can you see him, Thomas?"

Putting a finger over his lips, he said, "Bwana, be very quiet. Bull very close." He motioned to me to follow him. As we moved slowly forward and to the right, I was looking down to see where I was stepping. All of a sudden, Thomas froze and startled me by quickly grabbing my arm near my wrist. "Don’t move, Bwana!"

My heart nearly jumped out of my chest, and as I looked over his shoulder, I just caught a glimpse of a large black mass as it jolted through the thick undergrowth. It had disappeared by the time I looked up to see what it was, and before I could make out his outline, he had vanished. It was like a ghost it was there and then it was not.

Thomas whistled and there was nothing in return, just silence. I bolted a shell into the chamber and released the safety as Thomas looked into my eyes and returned the concern in his. I assumed he must have been asking himself, "How good is this guy?" Or maybe, "Is he a coward?"

Then it happened. It happened so fast that I never had time to be afraid. Out from the thicket the bull was coming and it was not at all where I had expected him to be. He was charging from behind and he was coming fast! I swung towards him, all the time realizing there was no place to hide. He was at full speed and was less than fifty yards away, advancing head-on. I will never forget the look in his eyes. They were the eyes of fear and yet those of a warrior. They were the eyes of attack and I was the target. I heard the thunder of his hoofs and I could hear each deep, raspy breath that he took as he charged. As I looked, I could see blood dripping from his nose.

I brought my rifle to my shoulder and instinctively found the bull’s chin in my cross hairs. I pulled the trigger but the charge still came!

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