Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In the African Bush nothing goes to waste

The African natives waste absolutely nothing when an animal is taken and I mean nothing. When an animal is cleaned the ONLY thing that is discarded to the vultures is the small intestine. The reason the small intestine is discarded is because that is where E-coli bacteria is stored in the body. They empty and wash out the stomach then use it like a suitcase to carry the liver, brain, kidney, large intestine, heart, and so on, including the bone marrow.

On some hunts there are a couple animals taken that are not edible such as the hyena and baboons but even they are not allowed to spoil or go to waste. Instead they are kept in a safe place until they can be taken to be fed to Nile crocodiles. After all, the crocs must eat too and besides, Nile crocs are another part of the chain of food and delicious.

One day my trackers took me and some baboon meat, bone and all, down to the river to feed the Nile crocodiles. It was so amazing to watch as they took a large steak of meat from me complete with bone and break it in two as if it was a piece of candy and then swallow it whole. One of my trackers showed me the large scars on his leg where a crocodile had gotten hold of him while getting a drink. Many would have died trying to get away but he had been taught early on how to get away should he ever be caught. He simply forced his hand as far into the croc's mouth between his leg and the croc's teeth and then as far into his throat as he could reach. This causes a croc to have some sort of gag reflex and in doing so the croc released him long enough to drag himself away. Native children may not have to worry about playing near the freeway or talking to strangers but life in Africa is most challenging.

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suzannemarques said...

good to know nothing goes to waste. while i like to shoot, i don't know if i could personally shoot an animal. love to eat meat though! let someone else do it...

since we're having an online conversation, thought i'd continue it on your blog! sadly, the au revoir simone gals won't be there. and as for appetizers, i'll have plenty of blueberry muffins for your sweet tooth. i'm more of a masterpiece. meant to be admired, but my owner doesn't even loan me out! :)

you should come & we can talk shop! i see you race & i'm dying to go to racing school! (my dad used to race) i think i may be covering the LB grand prix... btw.

hopefully brett can come too. he's a great guy!