Saturday, June 23, 2007

What's black & white and red all over?

Well let me tell you, while on safari in Africa it's not a newspaper. I went on my first African hunting safari during my 50th birthday and before I left each member of my family gave me a birthday gift that was not to be opened until the exact day of my birthday which just happen to be the day I took my first Zebra. After the natives celebrated the life and gift of this Zebra bestowed upon us by none other than Mother Africa herself I opened a sealed birthday letter written by my beautiful daughter, Charmagne and read it out loud as my cameraman filmed it. I will always remember that moment as I attempted to read the letter and tried to hold back tears of compassion and true love. When I was finished I looked at the camera, smiled and said, "Well Charmagne, guess what I got and what I'm bringing home to you. I'll give you a clue... It's black and white and red all over. Well it was until the trackers cleaned him all up. It's a beautiful record book Zebra stallion. I love you." One of the things that made this stallion so special is not just his majestic beauty but the fact that he had large scars on his rear quarters where he had escaped the grasp of a large lion.

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